Why Raw?

The Benefits of Raw

Bio Availability

Cooking and processing food interferes with the ability to digest and utilize the food.

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Essential fatty acids, amino acids and enzymes are destroyed through the cooking process. These nutrients are important to many bodily functions.

Proper Hydration

Pets are designed to consume most of their hydration requirements from food.

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Water is critical to rid the system of toxins. Dehydrated food such as kibbles slows the ability to process waste and contributes to chronic urinary tract problems like crystal and bladder infections.

Providing a moisture-rich raw diet supports the kidneys and aids in flushing toxins through the urinary tract.

Small Stool

Raw diets are highly bioavailable and leave very little waste in the backyard. 

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Stool quickly biodegrades and fertilize the lawn in a few days. 

Raw diets are highly bioavailable and leave very little waste in the backyard. Stool quickly biodegrades and fertilize the lawn in a few days. In comparison, kibble is full of grains and preservatives, which keep the poop around for extended periods.

Stool from a raw fed dog is small and firm and naturally empties the anal glands with every bowel movement. Unless there is an underlying medical issue, manual anal gland expression is no longer needed or recommended.

Dental Health

Sugars and carbohydrates found in kibble are the leading cause of dental disease in dogs—enzymes found in raw protein fight oral bacteria.

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Providing weekly recreational bones allows for thorough cleaning of the teeth and gums. The chewing action quickly scrapes tarter and plaque from the teeth and gums.

Bones must be appropriate in size and density. Never give marrow bones or any other bone that is weight-bearing. Marrow bones are often harder than teeth and can cause premature wear, dental breaks and cracks.  Ensure the bone is large enough so it cannot be swallowed whole. Never give cooked bones as they will splinter and can cause internal damage. Please supervise your pet when they are enjoying bones.

Luxurious Coat

Natural, raw ingredients are full of amino acids and unaltered omega fatty acids. These nutrients are necessary for a beautiful coat and healthy skin.

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The improvement in the quality of the coat can be observed within a week or two. Reduction of shedding and less dander is the hallmark of a raw fed pet.

Clean Ears

Ear infections cause much suffering for your pet and often require repeated vet visits for treatment that may not address the underlying problem.

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Most ear infections are caused by yeast that thrives on a carbohydrate-rich kibble diet. Eliminating the carbohydrates with a Pure Raw diet cuts yeast from its food supply and stops the reoccurring ear infections.

Reduced Vet Visits

Providing a species-appropriate diet boosts the immune system and makes your pet more healthy and resilient.

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Processed food is not healthy for people or dogs.  Allergies, diabetes, obesity, cancer and dental disease are common reasons for a vet visit. Highly processed foods contribute to these common conditions.  The rise in life-threatening diseases has pushed us back to nature. By feeding only clean, nutritious ingredients without fillers or preservatives, we provide the best nutrition possible: better nutrition, better health, fewer vet visits.  

The Power of Pure Raw

Pure Raw provides superior nutrition using simple, natural, recognizable ingredients.

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