Our Promise

Made with Love using only the best Canadian Ingredients. Preservatives, fillers, and grains are not in our ingredient list. 

Pure Power

Evolutionary nutrition in the shape of a convenient patty.

How We Do It

We didn’t create perfect nutrition; evolution did- we paid attention. A natural diet is a variety of fresh animal protein containing the ideal ratio of meat, bones and organs (80% 10%  10%).

Pure Raw is manufactured in a state of the art food processing plant. Processing equipment designed for the human food industry is used to combine and mix nature’s recipe into a convenient patty or a nutritious treat.

Sanitation and proper food handling are paramount. The production line has been engineered based on human standards. Having a climate-controlled environment means chilly production staff but ultimate food safety for our pets.

Our Mission

Pets are family members. Pure Raw provides premium quality raw food and healthy treats using clean, natural ingredients at affordable prices. Working towards making raw feeding assessable to all, one tail wag at a time.
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