100% Natural

Made in Canada with love and only the very best ingredients. We care about your pets’ health and take extra steps to guarantee the safety and quality of our products.

Pure Raw Preminum Dinners

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Pure Raw Dehydrated Premium Treats

100% Natural Balanced  80-10-10  Single Protein  Grain Free  Preservative Free  Filler Free

Introducing the Balanced Treat

Carnivores thrive on a grain-free, pure raw diet without fillers or preservatives. Pure Raw Dehydrated Premium Treats provide superior nutrition in a treat form.

Our Treats mimics the ancestral diet of our pets, by providing Meat 80%, Organs 10% and Natural Bone 10%. A perfect morsel.

Pure Raw Treats are the ultimate in biologically
appropriate premium nutrition.

For best results, feed a variety of Pure Raw Treats.

Unleash the Power of Pure Raw

The principles of nutrition state that minimally processed food is far superior to ultra-processed food. This is true for both human and animal nutrition.

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