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Use the Meal Calculator to estimate how much to feed. The daily serving amount can fluctuate based on age, breed, and activity level.  The daily feeding size can be adjusted based on observed weight gain or loss. 


Unleash the Power of Pure Raw

The Sample Monthly Meal Plan provides pet owners with an example of a well balanced monthly schedule.  Pure Raw is based on a prey model ratio diet (80% Meat, 10% Organs, 10% Bone).

For best results, feed a variety of Pure Raw Dinners.

Offer whole, natural, raw bones weeklyBones are necessary for optimal oral health. Not only are bones great for clean and healthy teeth and gums, but they also provide hours of enjoyment and essential minerals. Always supervise your pet when they are enjoying bones.

Please refer to the Meal Calculator to estimate daily meal amounts.

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Include Raw in Your Pet's Diet Today

Raw isn’t new. Raw is as old as evolution. See the differnce fresh food makes.

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