Made in Canada With Love

Made with love and only the very best ingredients. We care about your pets’ health and take extra steps to guarantee the safety and quality of our products.

The Pure Raw Difference

See the difference nature makes. Pure Raw contains only natural ingredients


Our products are sold in convenient, easy-to-use portions and are available in a range of sizes and protein varieties to keep animals and owners happy.

We're Experts

With over 18 years’ experience in the research and development of raw pet food, we know our stuff. Ask away.

The Right Mix

Enjoy peace of mind knowing this evolutionary diet features the optimal balance of meat, bone and organ to support better dental health, shinier coats and improved immune function.

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Benefits pure raw

Clean Ingredients and Food Safety

Pure Raw is passionate about food quality and food safety. Our proteins are Canadian produced and come from Federally inspected abattoirs. Products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility using the most current sterilization and cleaning practices. You won’t find fillers, preservatives or synthetic additives in Pure Raw.

Why Raw?

Every living being deserves a biologically appropriate, evolutionary diet. For decades nutritionists have been promoting the benefits of a pure, natural approach to nutrition. This principle holds true for our four-legged family members, too. 

Each ingredient in a raw diet has a specific nutritional profile that adds to the overall diet. Just like human nutrition, variety is the key to optimal nutrition. 

An ultra-processed monotropic diet (same food every day) does not support good health. Micronutrients and critical amino acids are provided naturally through a variety of foods containing clean, unprocessed ingredients.  

Natural, fresh food with wholesome ingredients are the most critical component to your pet’s overall health. Raw is highly digestible, meaning poops will be small and will quickly biodegrade. Expect less shedding, healthy skin and coat, improved mobility, better weight management, more energy during playtime and more relaxation during downtime.

Proper nutrition has an effect from nose to tail. Expect more wags. 

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